Sex slaves captured by Islamic State are sold on auctions in Saudi Arabia

The Muslim Issue

And this is a US and EU ally in trade! Unreal.

It’s not surprise that the trade is being done in their ISIS head-quarters, Saudi Arabia. Wealthy Saudis have been accused of sponsoring the terror group [IS] for years. Why is Saudi Arabia so brutally and morbidly protective of their secrecy? There are so much heinous things happening in that country that even Muslim countries would be shocked. It would taint the image of Mecca as the most important pilgrimage site for Muslims.

Imagine if Islamic rule died out in Saudi Arabia and the desert was finally open to anyone and everyone. What would they find buried in the sands of that region? What horrid secrets would they uncover? Saudi Arabia is a nightmare. Maid workers being abducted at the airport on arrival and enslaved to never be heard from again; Indian workers buried alive in the sand by their…

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I’m a doctor these are the things I find concerning with Trump’s medical letter

Donald Trump is talking about Hillary Clinton’s health as are two doctors who have never evaluated Clinton. They have apparently diagnosed her with all kinds of ailments using the l…

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